Zoo Mail Family Party Game UK 1950

Match the animals to the post boxes to play Zoo Mail, a fast family party game! Alternatively, search for each of your animals to win. In this retro English game, you hand out 8 red english post boxes with animal images. Make your own variations for a fun party. The family game comes in the original box with beautiful red and blue graphics. Classic games from 1950’s England are unique retro fun. Type: Retro English Games with Instructions - 2 to 15 players or teamsCategory: Party Games with Retro Instructions (For up to 6 players)Size: Box 7" Tall (7 x 4.5 x 1.25 inches) For Ages 3+Package: Beautiful 1950’s Color Box - "The Zoo Mail - 2 Rollicking Games in 1"Pop Top Toys Meter: 9 of 10