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Every purchase is the end of a journey but the journey had no home.

We research online, compare products & see ads, but nobody helped us consider and decide without bias, until now...

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What is our motivation behind Liffery?

Other popular platforms target users all day with ads... but leave little space to consider and decide.

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We hope to change it all

Liffery is free to use and we will never show adverts you didn’t ask to see!
We want users to be in control to search and receive ads when and if they want to see them.

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How people use Liffery today?

Liffery fan
Liffery fan
Meet Janine
Meet John

Shopping online is stressful. With Liffery she takes a thoughtful approach to deciding & purchasing.

To make his best purchases online, John likes to research & compare what his options are.

Janine likes the Reminders


John likes the Price Watcher

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Janine uses reminders

Liffery price watcher


No awkward smiles

Shopping list modelShopping list model
Liffery family

The family

Save items to a wish list channel to coordinate family gift giving and avoid unwanted gift clashes.

Reduce stress and waste!


Favourites mapped

Liffery friends

The group of friends

Save places they want to visit or remember with Liffery's map feature. They've been visiting Portugal for a while and channel keeps growing!


Swipe to like

Liffery Tinder
Liffery couple

Joint decisions

Janine has collected all sorts of new ideas for their new flat within a private channel on Liffery.

She asks John to use Decision Maker to quickly add his input.

Liffery Logo
Liffery Logo


Because there are many different journeys we go through online each day... and now your journeys have a home!

Our goal for you is simple...

To give you the tools to capture, consider and help you make your best purchase decisions.

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Our mission is big!

To reimagine digital advertising, putting you in the driver's seat!

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