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Liffery is an online research and wish listing tool. It is your place to compare and remember, a place to make your best purchase decisions.

No noise, push-advertising or pressure.

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Liffery is all about taking back control of your online journeys. With so many people and companies trying to get our attention we can sometimes get distracted and feel overwhelmed by all the choices. The timing when we get exposed to new things is often not ideal.

Liffery can help you with that simply by being your tool to capture the things that spark your interest in the moment. The things you want to come back to later, for doing some more research or simply being your personal wishlist. Capture, consider, compare and research with Liffery.

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Connect with People

Connect with like-minded people, friends and family to create your own circle of authentic inspiration. Cutting through the clutter of paid advertising can be difficult these days, so seeing content added through the "human filter" of your Liffery connections can be a really nice change.

Connect with people

Are you a business?

Discover how Liffery for Business helps your shop remain relevant in peoples' minds without expensive push ads or user profiling. Become a natural part of peoples' research journeys & wish lists.


At Liffery, we are not interested in selling you anything. We believe enough websites and adverts are doing this already! So we don’t need to profile, track, or sell your data.

Liffery’s ultimate goal is to create the space to consider & remember by being everyone's everyday research platform.

We want to build the best tool to research and consider everyday products & services. Anything from furnishing your new apartment to planning your holiday getaway or simply creating a wishlist for Weddings or Christmas.

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