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Fullstack Typescript Web Developer

Liffery Careers

Who is Liffery and who are we looking for

Liffery is a collaborative research and wish-list tool for people and businesses.

At Liffery we have a keen interest to run a sustainable business from both, a social and environmental perspective and firmly believe that today's world of endless push-advertising and mindless consumerism should be coming to an end.

We're a remote team with fully flexible day time working hours, we have a product and a clear vision for what we want to achieve, coupled with a well structured product development system. We believe in company structures but without too much bureaucratic hierarchy, and with the right team we wish to strive for autonomy as much as possible. So while we definitely know how to work hard, we value time to wind down and restore energy just as much!

Lastly, we're new. We believe that what we have can change the way the world of consumers think - online and offline. So, we are looking for someone who we feel believes what we believe... is passionate about our company values and as a developer, passionate about engineering! For the right person, we are willing to offer, more than a salary. Come join us and make your mark!

What is Liffery's tech stack

Our front-end tech stack is VueJS and Svelte written in TypeScript with API consumers generated following Documentation Driven Development standards via Openapi. The current Vue component library used, for all 3 Vue apps, is Buefy. Svelte was chosen for a very particular use case and its ghost-like weightlessness was perfect for its application, but here we rolled our own components. The single main Vue app is also used for the iOS and Android apps using Capacitor.

Our back-end tech stack is an orchestration of independent TypeScript written NodeJS distributed systems talking to MongoDB Atlas and Redis databases with an internal event system coordinated via RabbitMQ. All data models for the APIs and RMQ event payloads are defined with OpenAPI and AsyncAPI, including socket to client data.

Qualifications & Skill Requirements for the Role

The must-haves:
  1. To be living & reside in the EU or UK
  2. Speak excellent, confident and clear English
  3. Minimum of 5 years of proven full time working as an API developer and frontend developer
  4. Be experienced with VueJS (2), written in Typescript
  5. Be comfortable with SASS and have enough ability to continue the development of our frontend apps to a professional level
  6. To have experience working with micro-service architectures in NodeJS
  7. Have experience with consuming RESTful APIs and Socket.IO data in client apps
  8. NoSQL experience, preferably MongoDB & Redis
  9. Experience with container technology eg Docker or Podman
  10. Git and GitFlow
  11. A team player with Agile experience in a Scrum setup
Additional very nice to haves:
  1. Experience with OpenAPI (Swagger) and AsyncAPI
  2. Svelte in Typescript
  3. Unit (Jest) & e2e Testing (Nightwatch or Cypress) experience
  4. Servers running ExpressJS
  5. Confluence and Jira workflow

Other Information you Might Like

  1. We're brand new, so there is plenty of space to be creative and many systems still to be built
  2. We're remote, so zero daily commutes (it is the norm now but we started remote and have no plans to change that)
  3. Flexible working hours to fit your life; want to swap a Monday for a Saturday, no problem!
  4. Face to face company meetups (we're still figuring out some logistics for this one)
  5. Founders that are not just business minded but passionate about the tech and industry Liffery is in
  6. Plenty of space to learn & grow in a new startup, from the tech to business operations and more
  7. Lastly, hardware is important to us, we know that all too well; we ensure appropriate hardware for the job!