Working with your customers' flow of purchase decision making

Allow your customers to seamlessly keep your brand & product in focus from the start to the end of their purchase decision journey.

Let our integrated social commerce features bring your company's products in front of a completely new audience without extra ad-spend.

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Products captured for later consideration

Our customers range from health care products to popular breweries to art to clothing and even hardware shops!

Be remembered, not forgotten! The Liffery Sidebar is the most advanced wish list on the market, and your direct path into your customers' considerations!

Nowadays, many customers tend to "window shop" even online, so no matter how good or expensive your ad campaign is, chances are that when people click, they are just not in buying mode.

Learn more about how people make purchase decisions: Google's Study . Read how many people want wish lists: Google's Survey

Organic and Relevant Reach

Users on Liffery save products for research and keep track of what has sparked their interest. They also connect with a close group of people for inspiration and collaborative purchase decisions. People love product input from people they know and trust: this is why we don’t only talk about organic reach; we talk about relevant reach.

Liffery for Business Features

  • Customise how the Liffery Sidebar looks and behaves
  • Discover your competition with our Competitor Insights Data
  • Learn which of your products are being considered with Liffery Statistics
  • Reach out to your prospects with Offers and Outreach
  • Establish direct conversations with customers
  • Read what people are saying about your products

The Liffery for Business feature list is growing each month. Get in touch to find out more or book a demo.

Pricing and Installation

For the 1st 100 businesses we are offering a full 1 year membership to Liffery for Business for free.

You can get in touch below to arrange a demo, get some more information or simply request a copy of our info-PDF or chat with the team right away through the live chat widget.

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